Back to School

I hope you all enjoyed your summer vacation.  I know you are all excited to get back to school!

I have updated my contact information so please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help you with.  Your blog account is still open so feel free to keep in touch with everyone that way.

To my 6’s (now 7’s) I hope you have an amazing last year in elementary school.  And to my 7’s (now high school students), I hope you make the most out of the new experience ahead of you.  You are all amazing individuals and I was very lucky to have you as my students.

Have fun and enjoy your new year!!!!

Ms. Baur

Report Cards Friday!

Report cards will be going home on Friday. Last week I gave students a list of missing assignments.

I will try and have “I” packages ready to send home with the reports for those students who still have missing work.

Ms. Gatenby sent a letter home on Monday for students who have received an “I” in Music/Drama/Dance.

If you have any questons please contact me at the school or via email.

Report Cards

Today each student will receive a list of their missing assignments for the term.  Attached will be any work sheets needed to complete the assignments.

Last block on Fridays is a scheduled homework block for students to catch up on work.  Students will have this block as well as any spare time during the day to work on the late assignments.  Any questions please contact me.

Ms. Baur

Famous Artist Project

Yesterday we looked at 27 different artists who are famous in their style of work.  This term the students will be researching an artist as well as their style of work.  They will complete a research paper, an art project inspired by that artists, as well as provide an oral presentation on their artists.

Yesterday they signed out books from the library and began researching their artist.  Though the library has many resources, not all students were able to find a book on their artist.  I will try and organize a field trip to the public library, but your child may need your help to find some resources.

Once the students and I agree on the criteria I will upload the marking guide to the homework page of this blog.

Jenna-Tom Thomson

Faith-Paul Cadden


Joo Hee-Andy Warhol

Eileah-Edvard Munch

Ian-Roy Henry Vickers

Bailey-Ted Harrison

Tierra-Tan Wei Kheng

Wade-Bob Ross



Myles-Richard Shilling

Mollie-Emily Carr


Michael-Bill Reid

Tony-Da Vinci

Sam-M. C. Escher

Liam-Keith Haring

Taylor-Georgia O’Keffe



Avery-Andy Goldsworthy

Georgia-Van Gogh

Nicole-Jackson Pollock


Welcome Back

Welcome back to the school year.  This month has been a busy one of the students with many changes!

Mr. Nield will no longer be teaching the class on Tuesdays.  Their new teacher will be announced shortly.

Mr. Starr will be teaching math this term.


Fundraising for our class activities and the Mt. Cain trip.  We will be having a Mt. Cain fundraiser at the end of the month.  The students will be running the concession during the hand volleyball tournament held at the school. We are in need of parent volunteers.  If you are able to help please contact me ASAP.